7. okt 2019

1. ARAMCO ATTACK Video analysis from channel 60MINUTES

– the video shows the trajectories of two missiles. We mark them SHOT1 and SHOT2.

– both trajectories are captured in 12 frames – 6 frames each. The video is recorded at 29 frames per second or 29frames / s

– from the formula T = 1 / f we calculate T = 1 / 29frames = 0,0344second the length of one frame

– 6 frames formula 6 x 0.0344 second = 0.20689 second

– When I used Google Earth and geological digital maps, I calculated by scale in maps and rulers that the missiles in the video flew 100 to 120m in 6 frames.

– so 6 frames = 0.20689 seconds = 100m

   100 meters = 0.20689 seconds

   483 meters = 1 second /convert to Km/h /

1738.3Km/h /convert to Mach /

Speed of rocket missiles is 1,42Mach !!!

2. Evidence of Saudi Arabia

2.1 shot down Iranian missiles type SOUMAR with a turbine engine (copies of Russian missiles KH-55) somewhere in the desert in Saudi Arabia and launched by Iran from Iran (claims the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia).

The turbine engine used on the Iranian SOUMAR missile is a copy of the Russian 36MT turbine engine from the manufacturer NPO Saturn /image below/

The speed parameters of this turbine engine are subsonic.


My questions and answers.

So Iranian SOUMAR missiles with a turbine engine fly at 1.42Mach according to video record (smile). Will anyone show me how a missile with a turbine engine can fly supersonically 1.42 Mach when it has traveled 500 km from Iran and at this speed falls into the gas tank? (smile)

As Saudi Arabia shot down these Iranian missiles flying low above the ground /missile SOUMAR is a type of cruise missile with copying the earth’s surface approx. flies 50 meters above the ground under radar visibility/ when Patriot did not fire a single rocket.

Why in the sand somewhere in the desert in Saudi Arabia are not on the sand traces of the impact of damaged parts of supersonic / 1.42 Mach / Iranian missiles SOUMAR? Can you imagine when something flies 1.42 Mach and it hits the sand? I would see a crater there and certainly the back of the wings will not be so close to the middle part of the missile /smile/.

Another thing I noticed is that the SOUMAR missiles with wings on the table where the turbine engines are exactly the same damaged. I’ll tell you why. They were destroyed by a specialist when someone caught them (USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia) maybe a few years ago. They were destroyed with a detonation cord (image below).

Explosive cord is very popular in the Middle East to cut body parts and among people who dispose of ammunition.

Now that we know that the SOUMAR Iranian missile is not flying supersonically we are going to analyze frame number 6 from the SHOT2 directory /image below/.

The video and the picture shows that it was a rocket with two rocket engines. Because low power turbine engines do not produce light and gas traces. And not a single turbine engine at all to have a double trace of gas and light behind it.

We were looking for a rocket that has two rocket engines or two dizzy. Unfortunately, after all-day listings after military forums and finding out who produced such missiles, we found only one from Israel RAFAEL SPIKE ER2. /smile and see the video below/.


This rocket, if it has momentum or is fired from a drone-UAV or helicopter, or from an F-16 fighter can turn on the acceleration jets before impact this is the penetration mode.

Israeli drones and warplanes operated in Iraq with no problems with US Callsigns.

   Israeli Airdefence systems Skyguard and old shool France Shahine not reacted?


2.2 several pieces of drones or UAV monowing launched from Yemen. This is true. LOW speed Yemeni UAV.

Monowing drones are not important because they are toys that could not physically do such damage. They were used to confuse Air defense systems Saudi Arabia.

Hypersonic Impact from IRAQ Israeli SIDE.


Authors: Casus Belli Slovakia


comparing attack on tankers and rafinery, possible same munition

video analyse in Slovak language: